Timesaving AI Tools for Teachers

Artificial Intelligence is already here and is set to revolutionize education and society. Start learning to use AI tools that will help you save time in your teaching tasks while you join the forefront of the changes brought by this technology and, in the process, improve the way you teach.

✅ The first goal of this guide is to showcase AI tools and applications that allow teachers to complete tasks in less time. Therefore, it does not seek to innovate education through the use of AI nor explain how to use it in class with students. However, many of the tools mentioned can be adapted for classroom use with students and will positively influence our teaching.

✅ The second goal of this book is to serve as a guide that organizes the immense amount of AI tools that have emerged in a short time and guide the reader in their exploration. The book explores and evaluates many of the AI tools applicable to teaching work, grouped into 25 categories, including:

  • 👉 ChatGPT and its alternatives for processing texts
  • 👉 ChatGPT extensions for the browser
  • 👉 AI-generated text detectors
  • 👉 Processing text in PDF format
  • 👉 Voice to text transcription
  • 👉 Text to speech generation
  • 👉 Online meeting transcription
  • 👉 Image generation and editing with AI (Text to Image)
  • 👉 Slide presentation creation
  • 👉 Video generation from texts
  • 👉 Drafting questions for tests and exams
  • 👉 Personalized educational chatbots
  • 👉 AI-powered search engines

✅ To organize the information in a useful and practical way, I try to answer these basic questions:

  • ❓ What does this tool do?
  • ❓ How can I use it as a teacher?
  • ❓ How is it used?
  • ❓ What other similar tools exist?
  • ❓ How much does it cost?

✅ This book is a translation from the original Spanish version (Inteligencia Artificial para Profesores). The English language is used to grant it international reach, as many of the tools and ideas presented in the book can be beneficial for teachers around the globe and can be easily adapted to any educational system and environment. This means that it is not targeted at any specific English-speaking country and perhaps the specific educational vocabulary might differ from the one you are accustomed to using.



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